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  Destination - Antarctica  

A visit to Antarctica is not just a trip, it's an adventure of a lifetime!
Once you arrive, you are greeted by a world so different from your own that it's as if you are on a different planet!  Thousands of penguins, elephant seals, birds and icebergs surround you.  You have entered a world of  blue and white with an abundance of wildlife. 

In the past decade limits have been placed on the number of tourists allowed ashore in order to protect the continent's delicate ecosystem.  Most tourists visit Antarctica by cruise ship.  Shore excursions are done by Zodiacs, the small inflatable boats powered by an outboard engine.  These excursions are required by international treaty to be supervised and conducted by shipboard staff.  Visits to shore typically include one staff member for every 10 to 20 passengers.  Staff members are comprised of ornithologists, marine biololgists, glaciologists, historians and naturalists. 

Antarctica's main attractions are glaciers, ice, snow, mountains, birds, penguins, seals, whales and breathtaking scenery.  

Adventurous travelers looking for a unique experience will love Antarctica. Visitors are forbidden from approaching too close to wildlife.  However, if you stand still, penguins are  curious and will often approach you! 

Fun Facts:  Antarctica has no official time zone. Inhabitants set their clocks to their home country's time zone.  A highlight for many is taking a dip in the ocean off of Deception Island.  (There are crew members with blankets and photographers to record your feat.)  There is old ice, fast ice, grease ice, pancake ice, striated ice and fractured ice. 


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